Where do I submit my work? We accept submissions via email.

Can I submit video work? Yes, but they will be displayed online only.

Can I submit 3D sculpture? Yes, but it will only be displayed online.

By applying and filling out the call for entries form does that mean I am automatically accepted into an art show? No. By applying, you will join a group of other artists with relevant artwork who will be considered to be in a show.

If I don’t get in a show, will I get a refund? No. The cost of the entry fee is a nonrefundable fee that covers the administrative duties of our staff to organize the submissions and contact the artists.

When will I be notified if I am accepted? Please be patient.We sometimes will adjust dates and will get back to everyone within two weeks of the close.

How long is the online exhibition up for? The online exhibition is up permanently.

What happens if someone wants to purchase my work from Raebec Gallery’s online exhibitions? If someone contacts us about one of your artworks we have in our online gallery, we will check in with you to see if your work is still available before we proceed with the inquiry.